The Learn Italian Jar (Double Template) - A special gift

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We wanted to create an alternative version of the famous Happy Jars, our Learn Italian Jar!

We have created a template to realise the perfect gift, an unique jar, for all those people who are learning Italian and who need motivation not to give up and continue studying this wonderful language.

When we thought about our Learn Italian Jar, we took into consideration all those people who are struggling studying Italian and are losing their motivation. All they need to do is pick one card out every day (which will succeeded in getting a smile out of them) and practice that sentence during the day.

This template, at a special price until June 30th 2020, contains 365 sentences used in the most common situations of daily life, such as useful phrases to order your meal at the restaurant, to ask and give directions, to ask if that dress you like so much is available in another colour, and so on.

In the future it will be possible to customize the cards inside the jar, as well!

An unique gift for yourself or your friends!

What you will receive after you made the order?

  • n.2 templates (.pdf format), a plain template and a decorated one
  • 365 sentences to practice every day

What you will need to do?

  • choose the template you like the most!
  • print it, cut the little cards and fold them
  • purchase a jar and decorate it as you like!