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Simona is a fantastic Italian teacher! I have learnt so much since starting lessons with her. Simona personalises every lesson, taking into account my goals and skill level and is always coming up with fun and engaging ways to teach new information. No two lessons are the same but they always end in laughter!

Sarah O.

I highly recommend Simona as a tutor! Every lesson is different, interesting and tailored to what we want to learn.
Each week Simona comes prepared with games and fun ways to learn so the time flies and the lessons are enjoyable! Thank you so much Simona, I have learnt so much from you and look forward to having more lessons!

Tamara L.

My partner and I have been taking private, weekly lessons with Simona for 3 months and our progress has been incredible. She's a brilliant teacher - lovely, dedicated and flexible - and always goes above and beyond to adapt to our strengths and weaknesses (and busy schedules!). Before Simona, we'd completed a semester of group classes at the Centre for Italian Studies, but private lessons have been so much better for us and our Italian!

Daniel P.

Simona is our amazing Italian teacher. She is always so creative at engaging our two boys in their weekly lesson. I love the convince of having our lessons at home and hearing the boys laugh and master the beautiful Italian language. I highly recommend Simona and her structured and fun lessons.

Jo M.

I highly recommend Simona - I have been attending group Italian classes for the past 1 and 1/2 years and although my vocal and grammar are reasonable, I have really struggled with conversing and listening in Italian. Having just completed 10 Skype lessons with Simona , my conversation skills are already much better and I feel more confident - she is a great teacher and is always very well prepared for each lesson but most of all she very patient and understanding - I will certainly be continuing with Simona in an effort to become semi fluent!

Anne M.

Welcome to ItalianSi

We are Italian native tutors who love teaching Italian in a different and interactive way.

We provide private classes to adults at all levels, from beginners to advanced, helping them to improve their skills and gain more confidence.

We want our students to have the best learning experience possible!!!

That is why we create each lessons from scratch taking into account our students' needs and requests.

Engagement, games, fun, play-role, interaction, video, music are our key words!