7 Traditional Easter Foods you must eat in Italy

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7 Traditional Easter Foods you must eat in Italy

Ciao Ciurma,

Come state? How are you?

Easter is just a few days away!!!

We will remember Easter 2020 for a long time and it will be different for everyone due to these particular circumstances. So why don't we talk about how we can make this feast day so special?

Today I would like to introduce 7 traditional Easter foods we usually cook during these days.

As you probably know, we love food and cooking and we spend lots of time in the kitchen. All of us has memories of our grandmothers preparing different type of foods to enjoy with the whole family!

Let's get started! :)


1) Pasta fatta in casa - Homemade pasta


Pasta Fresca fatta in casa - Homemade Pasta


Agnolotti, ravioli, tagliatelle, pappardelle, tortellini, cappelletti, lasagne are just some of the different types of pasta fresca that you will find in our Italian regions. Each region has its own tradition and recipes, but this is the best thing of Italy: the variety.


Here some YouTube videos you can watch if you wish to prepare some pasta fresca and surprise your family!

Ricetta della Pasta Fresca all'Uovo di Giallo Zafferano
Ricetta delle Tagliatelle di Giallo Zafferano
Ricetta dei Ravioli a Stella di Misya


2) Agnello - Lamb

Agnello - Easter recipe: Lamb

Lamb is one the main food of an Easter lunch. It can be roasted, grilled, stuffed or marinated, usually combined with vegetables.

Here some YouTube videos with some tasty recipes :)

Ricetta dell'Agnello al forno: con patate e aromis di Speziata
Ricetta dell'Agnello a scottadito di Gambero Rosso


3) Torta Pasqualina - Pasqualina cake


Torta Pasqualina - Easter Cake

Credit: Noce Moscata food blog

The Torta Pasqualina is originally from the Liguria region, but it is now very popular everywhere in Italy. The most important element of this salty cake is the baked egg inside. You can serve it cold or warm, as you prefer, and you can keep it in the fridge for two days.

If you are looking for something quiet easy to make and super tasty, this is the right choice!

Here the recipe:

Ricetta della Torta Pasqualina di Fatto in Casa da Benedetta
Ricetta della Torta Pasqualina di Giallo Zafferano
Ricetta della Torta Pasqualina di Alice di MypersonaltrainerTV



4) Uova - Eggs


Uova nel periodo pasquale - Egg during Easter time


Eggs are another ingredient typical of Easter and are present on the tables of every Italian homes!

Based on the tradition, eggs symbolically represent the life and the rebirth, linking them to the meaning of this sacred feast, which celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


5) Uova di cioccolato - Chocolate Eggs


uovo di Pasqua in Italia - Chocolate Easter Egg in Italy


If you are invited to an Easter lunch in Italy, do not forget to bring a Chocolate Eggs for each kid there will be in the house!!

Each year every child is excited and waiting for Easter just to receive so many big chocolate eggs and see which present there is inside! That is why we love Easter!!

Let me tell you a secret: not only kids wait for a chocolate egg!

When my sister and I were kids, we used to receive at least 4 chocolate eggs each :)

You can also make your own Easter Chocolate egg!



6) Colomba Pasquale - Easter Dove


colomba di Pasqua - Italian Easter cake: Dove cake

The Colomba di Pasqua is one of the most popular Easter dessert in Italy. Sister of two famous Italian Christmas desserts, the Panettone and the Pandoro, the colomba pasquale is present on every Italian table on Easter day.

Here some YouTube videos to see how to make the Colomba di Pasqua.

Ricetta della Colomba Fatta in casa: ricetta facile e veloce di Giallo Zafferano
Ricetta della Colomba Di Pasqua Casalinga - Ricetta Veloce di Benedetta in 3 Versioni - Mandorle Limone Cioccolato di Fatto in Casa da Benedetta
Ricetta della Colomba Classica - Ricetta per Farla in Casa - Le Ricette di Alice di MypersonaltrainerTV


7) Pastiera napoletana


Pastiera Napoletana - Easter Recipe


Last but not least, the Pastiera Napoletana, one of my favourite Easter dessert.

The Pastiera Napoletana is a type of Neapolitan cake made with cooked wheat, eggs, ricotta cheese, and flavoured with grated orange peel and orange flower water. We usually cook the pastiera a few days before Easter (no later than Good Friday) in order to give the time to its unique flavour to become more intense.

Here some YouTube videos to see how to make the Pastiera Napoletana.

Ricetta della Pastiera Napoletana di Fatto in Casa di Benedetta
Ricetta della Pastiera Napoletana di Giallo Zafferano


Be aware that it will take a while to prepare this delicious dessert, so allow at least two days for the preparation :)


These were 7 Traditional Easter Foods we usually have during this feast period. As you can see, they are not hard to prepare! :)

 What are your traditional Easter foods? Share with us your recipes in the comments below or tag us #italiansi on Instagram and Facebook!!

Ci vediamo al prossimo post!



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