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Ciao Ciurma!!

Come state? Spero bene!

Here we are with our column: TI RACCONTO UNA STORIA

Today we are going to read a Aesop's popular fable: LA RANA E LO SCOPRIONE

I believe this is the most famous Aesop's fable! I'm sure you already know this story!

Watch the video and let me know in the comments if you knew this fable.

As always, at the end of the story, there will be a few questions you can answer to and test your comprehension :)

Write your answers in the comments section below.

So are you ready? Let's get started!! :)


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aesop, culture, fable, fedro, italian language, learn italian, learn italian listening to a story, learn italian online, listening, literature, reading -

Welcome to our famous column: TI RACCONTO UNA STORIA where every week we read a story to practice our LISTENING and READING skills. Did you listen to the last Aesop's fable "La volpe e la cicogna?". Guarda il video per fare ancora un po' di pratica.

Today we are going to read a Fedro's popular fable: IL CORVO SUPERBO E I PAVONI


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